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Chicago Pipe Fabrication Services

How Ahern Fabricated & Delivered Piping that Created Cost Savings for Two Chicago-Area Water Treatment Plants

When the Bloomingdale Water Reclamation Facility in Bloomingdale, IL underwent a plant retrofit, they relied on the pipe fabrication experts at Ahern to fabricate 38 spools of pipe for the retrofit project.  Ahern not only delivered the finished piping to the customer one week ahead of schedule but delivered cost savings as well in the team’s design recommendations for the customer’s product.  There were no reported quality issues in all the piping fabricated, and the project was completed within 1.1% of the original budget estimate.

Quality and value delivered by Ahern in projects like the Bloomingdale Water Reclamation Facility helped them secure a complex pipe fabrication project in nearby Vernon Hills, IL, at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.  Ahern designed a stainless steel plumbing system for the plant that eliminated numerous heavy & expensive iron flange connections, which reduced the weight of the entire plumbing system.  Along with delivering the 20 spools of fabricated pipe on time, zero quality-related problems were reported in the entire shipment.

The Ahern Advantage: Trusted Pipe Fabrication Solutions For Large Water & Plumbing Systems

Operated by a staff of highly seasoned, expert fabricators, Ahern fabricates pipes that clients can rely on to be the backbone of their plumbing & water systems.  Ahern even creates designs that lead to cost savings, and result in large quantities of pipe with zero quality-related problems.  Ahern’s expertise in pipe fabrication & plumbing installation, along with their emphasis on planning, communication, and unique solutions, are all delivered along with mass quantities of pipe that get delivered on time, if not ahead of schedule. 

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