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Eau Claire Fire Sprinkler Systems

How Ahern installed a Cold Storage Fire Protection System in a 65,000 Sq. Ft. Cold Storage & Freezer Warehouse Without In-Rack Sprinklers

Central Storage trusted the experts of Ahern, one of the few U.S. contractors licensed to install Quell systems, to install a cold storage fire protection system in their 65,000 square-foot cold storage/freezer facility.  Due to their knowledge of Quell systems, Ahern provided a complete & code-compliant system that protects the large storage facility without the need for in-rack sprinklers, averting the risk for damage associated with in-rack sprinklers.  Due to the use of Ahern’s prefabrication shop, this project was completed on time.

The Ahern Advantage: Vast Fire Protection System Knowledge That Meets Every Challenge

As one of the few contractors in the United States licensed to install Quell systems, Ahern operates with highly experienced field & office teams that design & install fire protection systems our clients can trust to protect them and their facilities, even in below-freezing temperatures.  Whether it’s using our in-house prefabrication shop to fabricate our items, or designing items that require no warranty rework, our team of experts achieves on-time and on-budget project completion without sacrificing quality.

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