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Fond Du Lac Commercial Plumbing & HVAC

How Ahern Overcame Plumbing Issues To Install A New HVAC System & Plumbing Units For Fond du Lac’s Thelma Center For The Arts, 100% On Time

When Fond du Lac's Thelma Center for the Arts underwent an expansion, they trusted the plumbing & HVAC experts at Ahern to install a new HVAC system and replace plumbing units for the center’s new addition.  The organization was able to move into their building on time, despite plumbing layout issues that arose during construction.  Ahern swiftly changed the system design to accommodate the new plan, and fabricated 2,000 pounds of ductwork for the HVAC system in their prefabrication shop, expediting system installation and keeping the project on track and achieving 100% on-time completion.

The Ahern Advantage: Expert Commercial Plumbing & HVAC Services For Building Expansions

With Ahern’s commercial plumbing & HVAC installation services under one roof, clients can rely on Ahern for on-time and on-budget project completions that in result in on-time and on-budget building expansion projects.  Our commercial plumbing & HVAC installation experts emphasize in-house prefabrication of project items and communication in all project phases to identify and avert potentially costly issues that delay project completion and achieve on-time and on-budget completion of large commercial plumbing & HVAC projects possible, without sacrificing quality.  

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