Food and Beverage Facilities

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In the food and beverage industry, reliable mechanical and fire protection systems are essential for maintaining product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance. These critical systems minimize downtime and production losses, ensuring continuous operation and compliance with USDA and FDA regulations. From food and beverage manufacturing plants to cold storage warehouses, we understand these environments are vastly regulated and require specialized service. 

At Ahern, our experts can provide one integrated multi-trade solution for designing, building, installing, and maintaining the critical systems that keep your food and beverage operations running smoothly and help you stay on top of industry regulations. Our fire protection and mechanical contractors for food and beverage can assist in all aspects of your facility. See our many capabilities below and contact us to learn how we can help optimize your food and beverage facilities and your bottom line.

One IntegratedMulti-Trade Solution

Fire Protection

Since 2016, Ahern has completed over 470 fire sprinkler projects in food and beverage facilities and fire protection for cold storage, warehousing/distribution, restaurants, breweries and distilleries, food producers, grocery stores, and more. Our experts ensure your food & beverage facility safety demands are met and comply with NFPA standards. 

Our Fire Protection Services Include: 

Mechanical Services

Whether partnering on new construction and retrofit projects, servicing existing mechanical systems, or providing prefabricated piping, Ahern’s mechanical contractors for food and beverage facilities offer extensive expertise and experience.

Our Mechanical Services Include:

Explore our feature projects below to discover how we’ve delivered customized solutions for other businesses in the food and beverage industry. Contact our experts to learn how we can help tailor specialized solutions for your food and beverage facilities.


Multi-TradeServices in Your Industry

At Ahern, we provide facilities in Wisconsin with all our multi-trade services. However, we also offer Fire Protection & Pipe Fabrication Services outside of Wisconsin.

Multi-Trade Services

Ahern has 16 office locations throughout the Midwest. We offer fire protection expertise in all geographies, as well as new installations throughout the U.S.; mechanical installations and service within Wisconsin; and pipe fabrication work in the U.S. and beyond.

Pipe Fabrication

At Ahern, your pipe fabrication project is our specialty. We fabricate and ship according to project-specific priorities, and we assist in all aspects of system layout, including budget planning and takeoff preparations. Ahern offers pipe fabrication services and also provides welded piping for a variety of systems.

Ahern Plumbing Cumberland


Whether for the immediate distribution of clean water or the safe transportation of unwanted waste, quality plumbing is a key component of any building.

An Ahern service employee smiling on a job site

Preventive Maintenance

Ahern offers mechanical preventive maintenance agreements (PMAs) and fire protection system and equipment inspection services. Mechanical PMA programs can help ensure your systems are operating efficiently and can help to reduce costly emergency repairs or replacements. Fire protection system...

Ahern technician servicing a boiler


Ahern has been designing, installing, and servicing HVAC systems since the company's inception over a century ago. Our team of professional engineers, licensed designers, experienced project managers, and skilled foremen can bring your next HVAC project from idea to reality.

An Ahern employee working on a control panel

Building Controls

Building controls – also called Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS), or Building Control System (BCS) – have quickly become vital in maximizing efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in today’s buildings.

Building Commissioning

Ahern has the expertise needed to ensure your systems are functioning as intended to meet your facility goals.

Building Energy Solutions

Ahern employs over 110 NICET-Certified professionals, 13 licensed PEs, 3 LEED APs, and 4 EITs. Our energy solutions team will help you better manage your utility spending by identifying and recommending energy-saving alternatives.

An image of Ahern's fabrication shop

Multi-Trade Fabrication

Installation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems can require meticulous attention to detail and precise coordination with multiple trades.

A tank in Ahern's Industrial Services Shop

Industrial Services

We offer a full range of solutions for industrial and manufacturing process environments including installation, repair and replacement, machine automation, and fabrication.

An Ahern designer working on a computer

Preconstruction Services

As a preconstruction adviser, Ahern’s knowledge and experience benefit general contractors, architects, and building owners through early involvement in system selection that meets the end user's goals and budget.

An Ahern fire protection employee working on a job site

Fire Protection & Life Safety

Last year, we provided life safety inspections to over 28,700 facilities. This includes fire extinguishers, kitchen systems, dry chemical systems, emergency lighting, fire alarm testing, and fire/smoke damper testing.