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Omaha Fire Protection & Sprinkler Services

Ahern Installed A Fire Sprinkler & Standpipe System for a 63,325 Sq. Ft. Hotel, 100% On Time

Ahern’s experts installed a fire sprinkler system and standpipe system in the 4-story, 63,325 sq. ft. Hampton Inn in Omaha, NE.  The project was completed 100% on time due to regular job site visits by Ahern’s knowledgeable and experienced Superintendent & Project Manager. They ensured that all deadlines were being met and the project was staying on schedule.  The project was completed on time despite discovering incorrect roof insulation installation done by a subcontractor, which would have led to sprinkler pipes freezing in winter.  Ahern immediately notified the project’s general contractor, and the insulation was installed appropriately for the sprinkler system.  The Omaha Hampton Inn and its guests can rest easy knowing they’re protected by an Ahern fire sprinkler system!

The Ahern Advantage: Fire Protection Services for Any Application

With Ahern’s prefabrication and fire protection installation services under one roof, clients can rely on Ahern during every phase of a project.  Our experienced fabricators are experts in prefabricating items for fire protection systems. Ahern's Superintendents & Project Managers are experts in every aspect of a full-project installation, making it possible to get designs approved on the first submission, and the job done on time and on budget.

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