Building Commissioning Services

Building CommissioningServices

Ahern has the expertise needed to ensure your systems are functioning as intended to meet your facility goals. We employ 5 NEBB TABB Certified professionals and 2 Certified Commissioning Process Providers (QCxP).


Design, Installation &Service

At the close of our projects, our commissioning professionals will inspect and test your systems to ensure there are no system deficiencies. They will also set any zoning requirements and balance air flow. This final quality check gives you peace of mind that your systems are set up properly and your facility will receive the proper heating and cooling needed right from the start.

Whether or not they've invested in building commissioning services before, owners are turning to Ahern to improve their buildings' energy efficiency, system performance, and occupants’ comfort. Our services fall under two categories; re-commissioning and retro-commissioning.


Ahern’s testing, balancing and commissioning technicians average over 15 years of experience, and all are industry certified.

We always look forward to working on projects with Ahern, because we know they are a quality contractor with dedicated professionals.
JP Cullen




A building tune-up. Performed in buildings that underwent commissioning during original construction, we use the original building commissioning documents as a roadmap to compare and assess system performance. This process allows for identification and correction of system changes that may be negatively impacting performance.


Performed in buildings with no previous commissioning documentation. Ahern’s team will investigate and identify system performance issues that may be impacting comfort levels, utility costs, or system efficiency.


Fume Hood Testing

Ahern offers Fume Hood Testing and Certification following a modified ASHRAE 110 Testing procedure and NEBB Fume Hood Testing Procedural Standards. Ahern performs the fume hood face velocity testing and local and large-volume smoke visualization testing per ASHRAE 110. In replacement of Tracer Gas testing, Ahern offers fume hood testing services utilizing the Tri-Color Visualizer to ensure fume hoods are compliant and safe. How does it work?

  • A medial-grade haze, like fog, is released in the fume hood
  • A green light laser points across the outside of the fume hood, while a red light laser points across the inside
  • If any green light appears, that means the haze is leaking outside of the fume hood

The green light reflects where a leak is, eliminating the need to guess or spend further time testing. Better yet, it’s completely safe and non-toxic for people and the environment.

An Experienced Team of Certified Commissioning Professionals

Our expertise allows us to quickly identify the issues impacting your performance – whether they be with the system itself or the surrounding environment.

Our technicians perform the following building commissioning services to efficiently resolve discomfort complaints.

  • System Design: We’ll realign your system design to account for changes in occupancy and lighting conditions, sunlight exposure, and nearby heat-generating equipment that may have impacted your system’s performance since its initial install.
  • System Maintenance: Routine HVAC maintenance may be the only thing needed to return comfort levels to your buildings’ occupants.
  • Air Balancing: If air flow levels are improperly adjusted, it is common that some areas of your building will receive more heating/cooling than others or excessive drafts. Our team is experienced in balancing air flow so all spaces receive the proper temperature control and air distribution.
  • Zoning Controls: When current zone controls are out of calibration, Ahern’s team will recalibrate controls to properly control the space.
An Ahern service employee smiling on a job site

In the last five years, Ahern has completed over 2,186 HVAC balancing, life safety inspection, and commissioning projects.

My relationship with Ahern has always been a positive experience. The quality of work is second to none and is always finished within the scheduled times.
Jim Erwin Vice President of Operations RD & S