Carbon Dioxide


Fire suppression systems come in many forms, but they find use when fire sprinklers are not preferred. A carbon dioxide fire suppression system pumps a high density of CO2 into a given area and lowers the level of oxygen available for the fire to continue combustion. These systems are highly effective and leave no residue so cleanup is minimal, however they should be used primarily in low traffic or un-occupied areas of a facility as they can be harmful to humans when oxygen levels have lowered. CO2 suppression is a fantastic system when used in the right applications such as engine rooms, paint lockers, flammable liquid storage areas, printing presses, industrial fryers, power facilities, waste storage facilities, the metal processing industry, and much more.

Ahern experts have been installing carbon dioxide fire suppression systems in a variety of facilities, all with their own unique challenges. We’ve seen it all and use our experienced team to give you a system installed correctly on your schedule. If you’re looking for an expert in CO2 Suppression, give us a call or send us a message today.


As of 2023, we represent over 27 different alternative suppression system manufacturers.

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CO2 Fire Suppression System

Advantages of CO2 Fire Suppression

The main advantages of this system are the level of effectiveness at suppressing fires while remaining non-reactive with most other materials. CO2 is electrically nonconductive so it’s a great use case for areas with energized electrical equipment. Carbon Dioxide also does not need to be super pressurized as this gas provides its own pressurization when stored in tanks. In a nutshell, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems are useful in protecting against fire hazards when an inert, electrically nonconductive, three-dimensional gas is needed and where clean up from the agent must be minimal.

CO2 Fire Suppression System Design & Installation

Ahern has the technical knowledge and experience to design a comprehensive carbon dioxide system for a variety of environments. We both design and install our systems in compliance with NFPA 12 including a full discharge test, operational checks of system operation including detection, alarm, and actuation, checks for proper device labeling and protected area warnings for any personnel, and an overall inspection of the system as well as the hazard area.

Explosion Suppression

In 2023, we conducted life safety inspections of over 28,700 facilities company-wide.

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