Clean Agent

Clean Agent

When mission-critical assets must be protected in the event of a fire, sprinkler systems can compound the damage caused by smoke and heat. Areas with heavy use of electronics such as data centers, power plants, IT centers, record keeping, and office buildings require the use of a different kind of fire protection. This is where clean agent fire suppression systems come in. “Clean agents” are defined in NFPA 2001 as an electrically non-conductive, volatile, or gaseous fire extinguishing agent that does not leave a residue upon evaporation. If your facility contains valuable documents, electronic equipment, or sensitive assets that require the utmost protection, a clean agent system may be right for you.

Ahern team members have over 30 years of experience installing clean agent fire suppression systems in a variety of facilities, all with their own unique challenges. We’ve seen it all and use our experienced team to give you a system installed correctly on your schedule. If you’re looking for an expert in clean agent fire suppression, give us a call or send us a message today.

Design &Installation

Ahern has the technical knowledge and experience to design a comprehensive clean agent suppression system for a variety of environments. FM-200, HFC-125, Novec 1230, and Inergen suppression systems appear very similar at face value, but each shine brighter in select environments. Some of these systems are even prohibited in areas containing certain reactive metals or chemicals so make sure to speak to an expert to find the right system for your hazard. We design, install, inspect, maintain, and train teams on proper usage of clean agent systems. Our maintenance teams are properly trained to ensure compliance with NFPA 2001.


In 2023, 99% of client survey responders reported we met or exceeded expectations.

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Advantages of Clean Agent Fire Suppression

The main advantages of these systems are their ability to react quickly and extinguish fires fast before they get the chance to spread. Certain clean agents tackle a fire by taking away a fire’s fuel through the reduction of oxygen while others are meant to absorb and bring down the level of heat in the room.

Clean agent suppression systems are generally designed for use in the vicinity of your workforce as the gases released are safe for humans to inhale as they exit the facility. Clean agents are known for their ability to drastically reduce post-incident cleanup as no residue remains once the agent has dissipated. Those looking for a solution kind on the environment look to clean agents as they have very minimal impact to our ozone layer when into the atmosphere.

Common Clean Agent Suppression Systems

  • FM-200 & HFC-125 - FM-200 & HFC-125 is clean, colorless, and holds a liquid state when stored. When a fire is detected, the liquid is vaporized and discharged from the tank, immediately absorbing the heat around it while simultaneously displacing the oxygen surrounding the flames. FM-200 and HFC-125 systems are known to be safe around humans when not in the immediate vicinity and very safe for the environment.
  • Novec 1230 – Developed by 3M, Novec 1230 is a clean (NOVEC 1230 is a trademark; the generic chemical name is FK-5-1-12) agent built to protect irreplaceable documents, server rooms, and other electronics. Similar to FM-200, this system is environmentally friendly, has a low toxicity rating, and leaves no residue when dispersed. One big advantage of this system is the ability to refill cylinders onsite, saving you time and money after an emergency has been resolved.
  • Inergen – (Inergen is a trademarked name; generic is IG-541) The Inergen suppression system is another clean, non-conductive, non-toxic gas suppression system safe for both property, people, and the environment. Inergen is unique in that when released, it does not create a fog or any visual impairments, allowing areas with higher foot traffic a clear route to evacuation.
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Ahern is licensed to install fire protection systems in 48 states.

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