Industrial Services

Solutions forProcess Environments

We offer a full range of solutions for industrial and manufacturing process environments including industrial installation, repair and replacement, machine automation, and fabrication. We also provide preventive maintenance for systems and equipment that we install or other contractors have installed in your facility.


In 2021, 99% of client survey responders reported they would recommend us.

I have worked with Ahern on several projects in recent years as well, and continue to appreciate our working relationship.
Pat Dhein Project Manager C. G. Schmidt Inc.
Kitchen hood

Installation & Retrofit

  • Dust collection systems, including cyclones, dust collectors, abort gates, spark arrestors, explosion isolation, sprinkling, and ventilation
  • Smoke collection systems, including dust collectors, abort gates, spark arrestors, explosion isolation, sprinkling, and ventilation
  • Fume hoods
  • Paint booths, blast booths, and spray booths
  • Conveyor lines
  • Catwalks and mezzanines
  • Piping: hydronic, hydraulic, steam, air, natural gas, fuel oil, etc


  • Welded ductwork
  • Catwalks, mezzanines, equipment stands
  • Wear-items for foundries and the sand industry
  • Replication of existing customer equipment
  • Non-pressurized tanks / vessels
  • Pump skids
  • Process tanks, reactors, evaporators, storage tanks, mixing tanks, pressure pots
  • Fuel tanks, water tanks, air receivers, expansion tanks
  • Flash tanks, scrubbers, condensate tanks, two and three-phase separators
  • Double-wall, distillation columns, jacketed tanks
  • Buffer tanks, knock out drums, flare drums
  • Water purification filters, dissolved air filtration, oxygenation
Industrial Services Machine
Industrial Services

Dust Collection

  • With the upcoming NFPA and OSHA code changes, we’ll plan ahead when designing and installing dust collection systems
  • New code-compliant dust collection and smoke collection systems based on customers material
  • Adapting existing dust collection systems and equipment to meet facility’s needs
  • Makeup air systems to offset exhaust
  • Sprinkler and fire protection
  • Special hazards, if necessary


Products and systems including air piping, process chillers in a manufacturing / production environment, overhead conveyor system install, industrial / production gas piping, heat reclaim, process piping, foundry dust collection, process production cooling towers, food conveying and packaging, machinery setting, iron work and plate work, lube lines, paint booth installation and ventilation, sand transport for the foundry industry and structural fabrication ranging from catwalks to equipment stands.

Industrial Services Equipment
Industrial Services Machine Automation

Machine Automation

We install owner-provided robotic machinery and assembly lines with adjoining piping, fixtures, structural housing and exhaust requirements.


Over $15M in MBE/SBE/EBE work has been subcontracted by Ahern over the past five years.               

Because of their professionalism and responsiveness, I would not hesitate to work with Ahern again.
Nate Keller Project Manager The Bentley Company