Industrial Dust Collection Services

Solutions for DustCollection Systems

We offer industrial dust collection services that encompass  your facilities’ needs for efficient design and installation of a dust collection system. We tailor dust collection systems to meet the latest code changes. Current codes may include IMC, NFPA, SMACNA, and local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

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Tailored Industrial Dust Collection Services for Clean, Safe Workspaces

Dust collection systems are widely used throughout the industrial and manufacturing industry. Effective industrial dust collection systems control, reduce, capture, and remove potentially harmful particles and fumes from the working environment. These systems play a crucial role in ensuring that the air quality within these environments does not adversely affect employee health and safety, productivity, and product quality.

Ahern can design and fabricate a dust collection system tailored to meet your facility's specific needs while maintaining optimal performance and meeting compliance standards.

Our Services

  • Conduct reviews of site conditions for existing systems
  • Facilitate combustible dust tests with third-party agencies
  • Provide recommendations ensuring code compliance
  • Initial airflow assessments conducted through Ahern's precise test and balance procedures
  • Thorough reviews by our professional engineers

Whether it involves grain processing, metal dust, wood dust, or other pollution abatement processes, Ahern offers unique solutions for every dust collection system from start to finish for mechanical and fire protection.

Industrial Dust Collection System Design that Works

Ahern is your one-source solution for industrial dust collection system design, from initial concept to equipment selection and safety device integration. We provide 3D models for visualization and fabrication, with easy access for download.

To design an effective dust collection system, Ahern’s experts work to understand your specific needs. Certain aspects are taken into consideration, including the type of material the system will filter, unit placement, duct and piping size, the size of the space the system will clean, and the frequency at which the system will run.

Based on these specifications, Ahern will customize your system with the right hood design, filtration method, and filter type. Our industrial services shop, which specializes in fabricating heavy welded duct systems and structural components, will fabricate your system to exact specifications.

Ahern can equip dust collection systems with the proper fire protection and life safety measures to improve and mitigate fire and explosion risks, protecting employees and equipment while meeting industry standards and regulations. Dust collection fire protection systems can include sprinkler, CO2 fire suppression, and spark detection/suppression systems.

Seamless Implementation: Industrial Dust Collection System Installation Experts

As a company that has over 144 years of experience, Ahern is a trusted partner for your dust collection system installation needs. Our experts will work with your team to establish a timeline and everything that’s needed for a turnkey installation with minimum on-site disruptions. Our field teams will ensure the system is installed safely and correctly according to the required specifications.

Trust Ahern’s Expert Technicians for Industrial Dust Collection System Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance and longevity of your dust collector system. Properly balancing hoods and ducts while securing component connections is crucial in maintaining system balance. Ahern’s skilled service technicians can handle your dust control industrial service needs, from troubleshooting to equipment repairs. By properly maintaining your system, you’ll ensure efficient airflow and dust collection while reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

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