Industrial Tank and Vessel Fabrication

Tank & Vessel Fabrication Solutions

We offer tank and pressure vessel fabrication that encompasses your facility's needs for efficient design and installation to ensure smooth operations. Our industrial services team will make sure your equipment not only meets your standards but also complies with regulatory standards.

No matter your tank or vessel fabrication needs we can help. Check out our capabilities for our tank and vessel fabrication service:

  • Non-pressurized tanks
  • Process tanks, reactors, evaporators, storage tanks, mixing tanks, pressure pots
  • Fuel tanks, water tanks, air receivers, expansion tanks
  • Flash tanks, scrubbers, condensate tanks, two and three-phase separators
  • Double-wall, distillation columns, jacketed tanks
  • Buffer tanks, knock out drums, flare drums
  • Water purification filters, dissolved air filtration, oxygenation
  • ASME Section VIII Division 1 code pressure vessels

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As of 2023, 41% of Ahern's project managers have been with the Company for 10+ years.

I would strongly recommend Ahern for their depth of expertise in the industry and standing in the community. Great company and great people to work with.
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Industrial Services

Crafting Excellence: Industrial Storage Tank Fabrication Beyond Expectations

Ahern can provide strategic, customized solutions for your industrial tank fabrication needs. With in-house engineering and a manufacturing capacity of 418,000 square feet, we are fully equipped to assemble and deliver fabricated tanks of diverse shapes and sizes for many applications. These applications include chemical processing, waste treatment, storage, and more, serving various industries. Whatever your requirements, our experts can build to your specifications.

Backed by highly skilled welders and state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective products with quick turnaround times. The use of an automated track welder saves time and increases weld quality by providing a full-length, nonstop weld. This continual weld decreases the risk of leaks, ensuring long-term reliability.

Custom Fuel Tank Fabrication

Ahern can design and fabricate fuel storage tanks compliant with API 620 standards, as well as non-code compliant according to API 650.

  • Single Wall Fuel Storage Tank
  • Double Wall Fuel Storage Tank
  • Containment Fuel Storage Tank
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Storage Tank
  • Fresh & Waste Oil Storage Tank
IS water tank

Industrial Water Tank Fabrication

Ahern can engineer and design solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether it is freshwater storage or processes to help clean wastewater. Our expertise extends to crafting non-code storage tanks compliant with API 650 standards for water storage tanks as well as to ASME Section VIII Division 1. Our water tank fabrication capabilities encompass flat bottom and top tanks, pressure vessels in both vertical and horizontal orientations, and cones.

Effective Storage Tank Fabrication

Ahern is a partner throughout your storage tank project, from design and coordination to fabrication and installation. Our expertise ranges from fabricating small tanks to massive storage tanks capable of holding thousands of gallons, suiting various needs.

Ahern has experience in fabricating custom tanks that contain materials spanning from dry to wet and toxic to non-toxic while maintaining integrity under different temperatures and pressures. To ensure reliability, we offer fabricated storage tanks made from stainless steel and carbon steel.

Our dedicated quality control team conducts rigorous tests, including weld quality tests and leak checks, to ensure the durability and longevity of your storage tanks. Preventing corrosion, cracking, and leaking is crucial for enhancing productivity, ensuring safety, and meeting regulatory compliance. Committed to upholding the strictest industry standards and regulations, Ahern is dedicated to delivering the optimal storage tank solution tailored to your specific application needs.

IS Storage Tanks
IS pressure vessels

ASME Certified Partner

Ahern is an ASME Code Section VIII Division 1 company. We specialize in providing ASME pressure vessels for various industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical/industrial, agriculture, and more. We can also provide repairs or alterations to existing components, making us a one-source solution for pressure vessels.

Our certified welders follow strict testing and inspection instructions, ensuring industry standards are met and exceeded. We perform our own code calculations using Compress 2021 Codeware. Learn more about our ASME-certified services here.

  • ASME PP and U Certified
  • National Board R and NB Certified
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, alloys and dissimilar metals
  • Cryogenic capabilities up to -300ºF
  • Design, fabricate, and  deliver pressure vessels in sizes ranging from 3” in diameter to plates with an outside diameter of up to 144” and lengths of up to 240”

Ahern has approximately 759 craftspeople working on projects at all times.

You guys do a great job of keeping things organized and the performance was outstanding. I truly enjoyed working with you guys.”
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