ChicagoFire Protection Services

Ahern provides life safety and property-saving fire protection to the greater Chicago area. Our experts hold in-depth knowledge of city and state codes, as well as insurance requirements to ensure your facility is properly protected. 


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Fire Suppression

Last year, we provided life safety inspections to over 28,700 facilities. This includes fire extinguishers, dry chemical systems, emergency lighting, and fire alarm testing.

Fire Equipment

Keeping your facility protected requires proper service and inspection to its life safety systems. Our experience has given us the knowledge needed to quickly identify and correct system problems, keeping you focused on your business.

Fire Extinguisher
An Ahern employee working on a fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm & Control

Ahern offers a full range of fire detection and alarm system services. Whether you’re looking to install a new system or need service and maintenance on an existing system, Ahern will provide the expertise you need to find the best alarm solution for your facility.

Fire Preventive Maintenance

Our fire sprinkler systems inspectors undergo a minimum of 720 hours of coursework and 9,500 hours of on-the-job training prior to performing any inspections. This ensures they carry the code and system knowledge needed to keep your systems functioning properly. We service all types of fire sprinkler systems in all sorts of facilities.

An Ahern employee working on a fire protection system

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