Pipe Fabrication

Pipe Fabrication Solutions

At Ahern, pipe fabrication services are our specialty. We prefabricate pipe spools, industrial piping, mechanical components, skids, and multi-trade modules that ship to various project sites throughout North America. Ahern’s pipe fabrication capabilities and expertise allow us to be a valued partner within numerous markets that cover different contract structures. We are here to assist your team in all aspects of a project, including structural engineering and design, budgeting, supply chain, production, and shipment. The right pipe fabrication company can make all the difference. Contact us to learn how we can help your pipe fabrication project. Check out our eBook to learn key factors you should keep in mind when Selecting A High Performing Pipe Fabricator.


Ahern has shipped more than 85,000 spools since 2012: 96% of our shipments arrived per the client's installation schedule.

The organization and accuracy of Ahern's deliveries to the jobsite have been excellent, and really stood out to our team.
Black & Veatch


High Performing Pipe Fabricator

Selecting a High Performing Pipe Fabricator

It's much too easy to fall into the trap of a choosing your Pipe Fabricator with cost savings at the forefront. Especially when low cost more often than not means low quality, leading to an overall poor return on investment. Don't underspend on your pipe fabrication project just to spend more on tweaks and routine maintenance. 

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Multi-Trade Modular Prefabrication

Installation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems can require meticulous attention to detail and precise coordination with multiple trades. The prefabrication of multi-trade racking systems allows multiple mechanical components to be constructed in an offsite temperature-controlled environment.

Marine Industry

We fabricate custom piping systems and components for the marine industry. Our knowledge and expertise ensure that the components we build for you will meet your requirements and provide you with the best solution for your application. As a US Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping-approved fabricator, we offer a complete range of services from design to fabrication to assembly. Whatever your marine pipe fabrication needs, our team can complete your project on time and to your specifications.

industrial cryogenic pipelines
Industrial Services Machine Automation

Manufacturing Facilities

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are being built throughout the world. These facilities require a plethora of mechanical systems to support them daily. From new build to maintenance, we can deliver process mechanical and pipe fabrication specific to your facility.

Industrial Plants

Our industrial plant expertise covers a wide variety of applications such as chemical processing, mining, and agricultural projects. Given the many different types of processing facilities that require mechanical and indsutrial piping services – from design, fabrication, and installation you want a company like Ahern has over 140 years of construction industry experience to tap into for your next project.

Ahern - Industrial and Chemical Plants
Power Generation

Power Generation Plants

We provide the full range of pipe fabrication services for various power plant types including Biomass, Cogeneration, Combined Cycle, Hydro, Nuclear, Single-Cycle, Solar, and Thermal.  Our range of capabilities in various materials, products, and specification requirements offer a single source for any energy infrastructure project

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Whether working in a municipal or private industrial facility, our expertise in water/wastewater improves the environment and ensures personal comfort and well-being. From manpower to equipment, we have the resources needed to complete your project on time. We’ve invested in specialty equipment that allows for immediate attention to your pipe fabrication needs.  We provide a full range of pipe fabrication services for various stages within the treatment and processing cycle including Aeration, Coagulation, Desalination, Disinfection, Filtration, Pre-Chlorination, and Sedimentation.

Water Wastewater
Hazardous Gas Detection

Oil, Gas & Pipeline Facilities

We offer custom process pipe and skid fabrication for pipeline and facility construction projects as a single-source provider. We provide a full range of welding, painting, quality control, and miscellaneous pipe fabrication services for various stages within the oil and gas processing cycle including conversion, purification, and separation. Projects consist of launcher/receiver stations, metering stations, compressor stations, processing facilities, and transmission sites.

Food & Beverage Facilities

Fabricating process piping systems for food and beverage customers is a project challenge best handled by trained experts. Adherence to stringent customer specification requirements is proven by our track record of successful projects that cover a wide variety of clients and food process project types like manufacturing plants, packaging facilities, and distribution centers.

Food/Beverage JF Ahern Project

Since 2009, 77% of projects were from repeat clients.

Ahern’s team gave us a project schedule up front, and went ahead and delivered it. Quality was never an issue, they provided weekly spool reports, and kept the site informed with necessary paperwork for each shipment before it arrived. Ahern did a fantastic job.
Richard Hirzel Purchasing Agent Babcock & Wilcox