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Plumbing Fabrication Shop


Pre-assembly of common plumbing components keeps your project moving forward at optimal efficiency and with greater accuracy.



Shop Features& Capabilities

  • 4,920 square feet
  • 1/2” through 6” pipe diameter capability
  • 2” and smaller carbon, galvanized, and stainless steel piping (threaded)
  • 6” and smaller copper, plastic, and cast iron piping
  • Iron Worker machine
    • Capable of punching a 1.5" hole into a piece of carbon steel over 1" thick
    • Can shear a piece of 3/4" carbon steel that's 30" long
    • Can cut a piece of 8" x 8" x 3/4" thick carbon steel angle
    • Notch, cope, and bend with the different accessories
  • Common assemblies include clevis and trapeze hangers/brackets, control valves, in-wall drops, medical gas assemblies, plumbing fixture batteries, pump seal water, PVC, repetitive copper, trip fixtures and VAV boxes. 

Last year, we completed approximately 330 plumbing orders with an average order turnaround of 2.1 days. 100% of these orders were problem free.

I was very pleased with Ahern’s workmanship and schedule. Everything was done on time and within the budget.
Steve Baumhardt
Maintenance Manager