Preconstruction Services


As a preconstruction adviser, Ahern’s knowledge and experience benefit general contractors, architects, and building owners through early involvement in system selection that meets the end user's goals and budget.

Early collaboration also ensures our designs follow proper code and occupancy requirements to mitigate design changes after a project has been initiated. Using Building Information Modeling and CAD software, our teams will explain the system design, as well as identify ways to get the most from these systems, reduce life cycle costs, and eliminate system interferences.


Our actual project costs have averaged within 2.1% of the original estimates for the last 5 years.

Ahern was responsive and worked well with all contractors on site. Their extensive preplanning and knowledge ensured a successful project for all.
Tri-North Builders


Project Cycle Improvement

Project Cycle Improvement

Ahern's preconstruction team of experts is dedicated to improving your project cycles. We employ:

  • 13 Licensed Professional Engineers
  • 4 Engineers in Training
  • 3 LEED Accredited Professionals
  • Over 110 NICET Certified Fire Protection Professionals

In 2023, 99% of client survey responders reported we met or exceeded expectations.

I am pleased with the work that Ahern completed and I would use them again.
Gerry Schraufnagel Plant Engineer Bel Kaukauna