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Eau Claire Service Technicians in Project Heat's On
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Eau Claire Heating Team

Ahern’s Northwest mechanical service technicians including Nick Shill, Ben Dittner, Ron Starr, Mark McInnis, and Mike Isaacson participated in Local 434’s annual Heat's On. For this program, area HVAC service technicians team up with students from UW-Stout to go around the community and perform preventative maintenance on the heating systems of Military Veteran’s homes before winter. Garrett Rasmussen, who is a UW-Stout senior and intern here at Ahern, was also a participant.

This year, the program successfully serviced the homes of 37 local veterans which was the most the program has ever completed. Also partnering with the American Red Cross, crews were able to install new smoke alarms within homes and provide residents with material to successfully plan a fire escape route and locate fire hazards within their homes.