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Fall 2019 Career Fairs and Campus Events
Friday, August 09, 2019

Find yourself wondering what it would be like to work at Ahern? Wonder no more! Stop and visit with one of Ahern's representatives and find out for yourself. Throughout the year, Ahern representatives attend a number of career fairs and campus events. Below is the schedule for the Fall season.

Date Location
9/16/19 University of Wisconsin - Madison Engineering Career Fair
9/17/19 Oklahoma State University - CEAT (College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology) Career Fair
9/17/19 University of Wisconsin - Platteville Industry Awareness Day
9/18/19 University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh - College to Career Conference
9/23/19 University of Wisconsin - Platteville Career Fair
9/24/19 Iowa State University - Engineering Career Fair
9/24/19 University of Wisconsin - Stout
9/26/19 MSOE Career Fair Day 1
9/27/19 MSOE Career Fair Day 2
10/3/19 Western Illinois University - Quad Cities Fall Career & Internship Fair
10/15/19 Southeast Community College - Trades & Industry Career Fair