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Our Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To Our Customers:

We recognize the Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread, impacting businesses and social life within our country and throughout the world. In the wake of this unprecedented time, we want to share the following message with you.

Our primary concern and first priority is the safety, health and welfare of our employees, customers, partners, visitors and communities. From the onset, we have committed to following guidance from Federal, State and Local agencies, aligning our preparedness and contingency planning efforts with their directives.

During this time, we will continue to serve our customers service, field construction and fabrication shop needs, while implementing necessary precautions to monitor and maintain the health of our workforce.

What J. F. Ahern Co. is doing now:

  • Activated our response team, who is working with internal and external stakeholders, to coordinate and implement our prevention, preparedness and response plans.
  • We are practicing social distancing in all workplace settings including field/project work locations, shops and offices.
  • Our field and shop personnel will continue to work and practice recommended personal hygiene measures.
  • We have elevated environmental cleaning and disinfecting in all our workplace settings including jobsites.
  • Implemented a screening protocol to ensure employees with illness or potential exposure are not sent to jobsites and to track employee travel/exposure events, and monitor the movement of our workforce between projects.
  • Leveraging technology to communicate and have created a new internal COVID-19 intranet page to keep our workforce armed with ‘real-time’ information.
  • Suspended all non-essential company travel and meetings, canceled corporate events, and have instituted a remote work-from-home mandate for any employees able to do so.

At this time Ahern is not experiencing and does not anticipate delays in responding to customer needs. We are prepared and able to perform all services that we routinely provide assuming our customers are following the established guidelines. We have communicated to our workforce and empowered them to exercise their ‘stop-work authority’ if protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are not being followed and that their individual ‘choice-to-work’ decisions would be respected.

We are committed to doing our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and maintain a healthy workforce.

Please reach out to your Ahern contact or any other members of Ahern’s leadership team at any time should you have questions or need additional information.                                                                 

In the meantime, please take good care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Tony Ahern
President and Chief Operating Officer