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Post Offer Materials

Congratulations on being offered a position at Ahern!

The offer of employment is contingent upon successfully completing a background check and drug test. Please complete the necessary items outlined below. All items below must be completed within 72 hours of acceptance of your offer. Completing the items below in a timely manner will help us be prepared for your first day!

Finalize Application

In order to continue this process, we require that you log back into your application to complete the confidential information section. You are being asked to supply your social security number, date of birth, and complete the criminal background disclosure questions. To enter your information, click here.

Background Check

a. Complete the prehire motor vehicle record form and return to

b. Click here to enter the required information for Ahern to process your background check. 

Pre-Employment Drug Test

Review the list of available testing sites to complete Ahern’s pre-employment drug screen. When you arrive at the facility please disclose that you are “taking a pre-employment drug test for J. F. Ahern Co.” and be prepared to give a urine specimen. The site will be performing a 5-panel rapid drug screen. If a testing site is not available within 60 miles of your home, please contact Human Resources by email at

Our website contains a wealth of information and we encourage you to explore its features.

We look forward to having you join the Ahern team.