The 42


Ahern’s team approach worked very well for a project in Milwaukee, WI. The team was involved in the renovation of the former Pabst shipping center building located at 1131 North 8th Street. It was originally known as Building 42 and was the last building the Pabst Brewing Company built in their 14-block campus. Pabst closed the campus abruptly in 1996, just 20 years after building the new distribution center. The redeveloped building is now known as The 42 and will allow the Milwaukee Brewing Company to more than double their capacity, brewing up to 30,000 barrels a year.

With having multi-trade capabilities, Ahern was able to perform controls, HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection services. Major installations included:

  • (2) 75-ton rooftop units (RTU’s) for the office space
  • (2) 50-ton RTU’s for the restaurant and the event area
  • (2) RTU’s for the Brewery space
  • (2) wet sprinkler systems
  • (1) manual wet standpipe system
  • (1) dry pipe sprinkler system
  • Complete sanitary waste and vent piping system with over 5,730’ of piping
  • Complete storm drainage piping system with over 2,790’ of piping
  • Complete domestic water piping system with over 8,350’ of piping
  • Installation and final connections to 210 plumbing/kitchen fixtures
  • Installation and final connections to 72 plumbing/brewery equipment
  • Installation of 27 plumbing drains

Within the facility, operations aren’t limited to just making beer. In addition to the brewery located in the south half of the building which also contains a tasting room, the middle of the building contains a restaurant called Glass + Griddle, a 350-person event hall known as Venue Forty Two, and a large outdoor beer garden. The north half contains office space with amenities such as an onsite fitness center, yoga studio, coffee bar, as well as shared conferenced rooms. With being located in Milwaukee’s revitalized Brewery District, The 42 will bring together both work and entertainment, providing residents and visitors with quite the experience.

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