Ariens Plant 3 Ventilation & Plant Pressure Control


Cost-Saving Commercial HVAC Services for Manufacturing Facilities in the Appleton Area

Ahern delivered cost savings and improved working conditions to Ariens’ 240,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. This design-build ventilation and plant controls improvement project resulted in improved ventilation and control of that ventilation, increasing worker comfort and productivity as well as providing an estimated $100,000 annual energy savings.

Ahern performed sheet metal and equipment improvements throughout the facility, including a fully automated building automation system (BAS) to control all supply, exhaust, air handling units, and heating ventilation units serving Plant 3. The scope also included the installation of intake fans and replacement of a 60,000 cfm direct-fired 100% outside air make-up unit with a 60,000 cfm heating and ventilation unit with return air deck capable of 100% outside air heating. The solution solved worker discomfort issues by improving plant temperature conditions without the expense of mechanical cooling.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered

Schedule Assurance

  • 100% on-time completion

Energy Savings

  • Estimated $100,000 annual energy savings