Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals

On-time &safe completion

Fire Protection, HVAC & Building Controls for Pharmaceutical Facilities in the Madison Area

General contractor, Ideal Builders, selected Ahern to provide service for HVAC, Fire Protection, Controls, and Balancing at the 55,000 square foot Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals facility located in Madison, Wisconsin. The goal of this project was to create a seamless transition from two existing facilities to the current facility. This would minimize the amount of downtime for scientists and lab technicians while still allowing Arrowhead to continue research that is vital to the development of medicines and drugs that can treat diseases. This design/ build project had a tight schedule of 9 months. Ahern's installation and CAD team were able to work around existing systems to install the new systems which included:

  • Over 80,000 pounds of galvanized stainless steel (SST) and PCD coated duct
  • 2-240 ton aired cooled chillers
  • 3-30,000 roof mounted air handling units (AHU’s)
  • 3-30,000 high plume exhaust fans
  • 3-3.5MBH high-efficiency boilers
  • 200 terminal units including fans, variable air volume boxes, exhaust venturi valves
  • 50 high-efficiency bench mounted and walk-in fume hoods
  • 80 connections to owner furnished equipment including snorkels, downdraft tables, and vacuum cabinets

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered

Meeting Deadlines

  • Project completed on-time


  • No OSHA recordable events

Energy Savings

  • Ahern’s project team made sure the owner would have the highest efficiency possible for chiller capacity