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Ashworth Road Baptist Church

Fire Protection for Des Moines, Iowa Church

Ahern completed its sprinkler system replacement at Ashworth Road Baptist Church on time and under budget. Looking out for the owner’s long-term interests, Ahern’s team used its sprinkler system knowledge to find a lasting solution to resolve multiple pipe leaks. While other contractors proposed short-term fixes, our team knew short-term patches would lead to further maintenance. Located in West Des Moines, Iowa, work at this 30,000 square-foot facility was performed during off hours to prevent disruption to church operations. Our expertise and staff coordination led to a successful retrofit and satisfied client.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered

  • Ahern’s field and office teams both averaged 12 years of industry experience
Budget Certainty
  • The final project cost was within our estimate
  • Our design was approved on the first submission