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Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital


HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection Services for Hospitals in the Milwaukee Area

Columbia St. Mary’s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin embodies a 750,000 square-foot hospital along with multiple clinics, office, and parking structures across the 22-acre campus, and the combined HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection installations made this Ahern’s largest project to date. Ahern had exceeded expectations on the completion of the Water Tower Medical Commons building on campus in 2007, which helped them earn the award of this multi-million dollar expansion project.

The campus is located in a very small and densely populated area, which made deliveries and daily construction tasks difficult. Ahern held weekly meetings to discuss how to effectively operate as one team. Ahern’s schedule flexibility and ability to adjust the crew size had a notable impact on the overall schedule. The team was also able to step in to help with the HVAC system balancing when an out-of-state contractor was unable to keep up with the strict schedule. At the project’s peak, Ahern had as many as 160 crew members involved. Ahern utilized its prefabrication shops to fabricate a bulk of the sheet metal, plumbing, and HVAC piping. The shops recorded nearly 13,000 hours of work for the Columbia St. Mary’s project.

With the collaboration of many trades and other contractors, this project was completed on-time in September 2010.

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  • 100% on-time completion

Budget Certainty

  • Ahern finished the project $2 million under budget


  • No lost-time injuries