CUW Residence Hall

On-time &within budget

Plumbing Services for College Dormitories & Residence Halls in the Milwaukee Area

Despite an aggressive schedule to finish at the beginning of a new school year, Ahern was consistently ahead of the schedule and completed the 94,210 square-foot college dormitory on time. Ahern cut down the project time by prefabricating much of the plumbing installations, which included 50 showers, 54 closet carriers, 94 water closets, and penthouse equipment. Ahern was also able to remedy coordination issues regarding toilet carrier anchors and post-tension cables in the concrete block by custom building a steel imbed to mount the carriers.

Expertise Provided

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Schedule Assurance

  • 100% on-time completion

Budget Certainty

  • All work was completed under the estimated budget


  • All warranty rework was resolved the same day


  • No OSHA recordable events or lost-time injuries