Hampton Inn - Omaha


Fire Protection Installation Services for Hotels in the Omaha Area

Guests of the Hampton Inn in Omaha, NE, can rest easy knowing they’re protected by a sprinkler system! Ahern installed a fire sprinkler system and standpipe system in the 4-story, 63,325 square-foot wood-framed hotel. Regular job site visits by Ahern’s Superintendent and Project Manager ensured that all deadlines were being met and the schedule was progressing as expected. Through these regular visits, Ahern’s experts noticed that a subcontractor started to install the roof insulation in a way that would have allowed the sprinkler pipe to freeze in the winter. Ahern notified the general contractor immediately and the insulating was installed appropriately for the sprinkler system. Despite the issue, Ahern completed the project on-time and without injury.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  • Ahern’s office staff averaged 12 years of experience


  •  Ahern’s design was approved on the first submission and required no warranty rework

Meeting Deadlines

  •  100% on-time completion


  • No OSHA recordable events or lost-time injuries