MarkWest Bluestone Gas Processing Plant


Pipe Fabrication Services for Power Plants in Pennsylvania

Ahern didn’t let the fast-paced schedule derail them from completing the fabrication for MarkWest's Bluestone Gas Processing Plant in Evans City, Pennsylvania.  Fast track delivery was important for the customer to be able to install the piping and meet their start-up date. The project managers worked closely with the customer on a daily basis to make sure that the welders in the shop could fabricate, paint and ship the pipe spools that were needed at the jobsite on a weekly basis. 808 carbon and stainless steel pipe spools were fabricated equaling to 298,341 pounds.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  • Ahern’s field crew averaged 25 years of experience
  • Ahern’s office team averaged 18 years of experience
  • Fifty Local 400 welders contributed to the success of this project


  • X-ray pass rate of 97.63%

Meeting Deadlines

  • Project was completed on-time


  • No OSHA recordable events
  • Zero lost time injuries