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Michaels Arts & Crafts

On-time &safe completion

Fire Protection Installation Services for Retail Facilities in the Omaha Area

Michaels Arts & Crafts in Papillion, NE wanted to open as soon as possible, but not without an operating sprinkler system! Ahern was brought into the project after the original sprinkler system design was completed by another engineering firm but ran into interferences prior to installation. The original system design ran into two ductwork openings. Ahern re-laid out the system to re-space the lines and additional line to work around the beams on the ceiling which was approved by the engineering firm. Though the project experienced delays in the beginning, Ahern was able to complete the installation according to the customer’s deadline. The superintendent on the job site made sure Ahern’s field crew had time to get into the 22,359 square-foot retail facility before most of the walls were installed and utilized flex drops to accelerate installation to meet the deadline. 

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  •  Ahern’s design was approved on the first submission and no warranty rework was required

Issue Resolution

  • Ahern had noticed flaws in the original design (performed by another firm) and had the system re-laid out to reflect appropriate changes

Meeting Deadlines

  •  100% on-time completion


  • No OSHA recordable events or lost-time injuries