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VA Milo Huempfner Outpatient Clinic


HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection Services for Healthcare Facilities in the Green Bay Area

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) was looking to start a new chapter of healthcare in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Ahern was awarded the opportunity. Completed in August 2013, Ahern provided the HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems in the two-story, 218,000 square-foot clinic that now serves up to 20,000 veterans. Based on Ahern’s healthcare construction experience, past VA successes, and design/build capabilities, the general contractor requested Ahern’s involvement with the project.

From initial design to completion, Ahern took charge of the project every step of the way. The design process took about six to nine months to complete, using innovative technology such as building information modeling (BIM) that provided realistic, 3D images of the clinic. This level of documentation made it easy for the VA to review the design and understand the layout from a technical level.

Installations included seven air-cooled chillers, nine boilers, 10 air-handling units, six wet sprinkler systems, a hot water heating system, a reverse osmosis system, a medical gas system, and fixtures throughout the clinic.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  •  Ahern’s range of experience in healthcare projects and VA facilities, as well as medical knowledge, was useful in contributing to the craftsmanship and advancing the project schedule

Meeting Deadlines

  • Ahern completed the project 2 months ahead of schedule, even after starting 6 weeks behind schedule
  • Ahern utilized the prefabrication shops to achieve finishing the project ahead of schedule

Energy Savings

  • Ahern helped VA Green Bay achieve LEED Silver certification by installing energy efficient HVAC and plumbing systems