Wells Fargo Building


Fire Protection Services for Historical High-Rise Buildings in the Quad Cities

Ahern’s expert crews rose to the challenge of this 52,040 square-foot high rise retrofit project in Davenport, Iowa. This historic facility posed a concern early in the planning phase due to lead paint, as well as the Historical Society’s desire for minimal altering to the building’s original features. Ahern’s foreman received a Lead Paint Certification and was able to address the areas of concern while performing the installation. The 517 sprinkler heads and 1,204 ft. of fabricated pipe were designed to match color concealed plates to match the ceiling and meet the Historical Society’s request.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered

Schedule Assurance

  • 100% on-time completion


  • This project’s office members averaged 14.5 years of experience
  • Foreman obtained Lead Paint Certification specifically for the project