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Plumbing Prefabrication Services

Pre-assembly of common plumbing components keeps your project moving forward at optimal efficiency and with greater accuracy. Our average turnaround for plumbing orders is 2.1 days. Last year, 100% of our plumbing orders were delivered on time.

Shop Features and Capabilities:                               


  • 4,920 square feet
  • 1/2” through 6” pipe diameter capability
  • 2” and smaller carbon, galvanized, and stainless steel piping (threaded)
  • 6” and smaller copper, plastic, and cast iron piping
  • Iron Worker machine
    • Capable of punching a 1.5" hole into a piece of carbon steel over 1" thick
    • Can shear a piece of 3/4" carbon steel that's 30" long
    • Can cut a piece of 8" x 8" x 3/4" thick carbon steel angle
    • Notch, cope, and bend with the different accessories
  • Common assemblies include clevis and trapeze hangers/brackets, control valves, in-wall drops, medical gas assemblies, plumbing fixture batteries, pump seal water, PVC, repetitive copper, trip fixtures and VAV boxes. 
Our Advantage:
  • Last year, we completed over 330 plumbing orders. 100% of these orders were problem free.
  • Our actual project costs have averaged within 2.5% of the original estimates for the last fifteen years.