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Fire Alarm “No Code Listed or on File” Procedure


The objective of this procedure is to provide a systematic procedure for J.F. Ahern’s response to a fire alarm monitoring code that may be received at the central monitoring station that is “Unidentified “, “Unknown”, or not listed, on the alarm monitoring service agreement setup document.


All fire alarm monitoring “Unidentified”, “Unknown”, or not listed monitoring codes will be covered by this procedure.


  1. All signals will be registered as codes to the central monitoring station in advance to placing a fire alarm monitoring account online for each individual customer.
  2. J.F. Ahern is not obligated to respond to any code received for an account which has not been previously listed by the customer.
  3. In the event that any fire alarm monitoring code is received that is unlisted, unidentified, or unknown, J.F. Ahern’s procedure will be to respond in accordance to the accounts’ lowest possibly priority alarm with an authority to dispatch in the event that an unidentified or unknown code transmits.
  4. In the event where an unlisted code does dispatch the authorities the customer is aware that all fees and expenses could be the responsibility of the customer