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Visual Inspections - Monthly

Fire Sprinklers

  • Valves, Valve Components, & Trim
    • Locked/Supervised control valves
    • Alarm Valves/System Riser Check Valves
      • Exterior
    • Preaction & Deluge Valves
      • Exterior
    • Dry Pipe Valve/Quick-Opening Device
      • Exterior
  • Backflow Prevention Assesmblies
    • Reduced Pressure
    • Reduced Pressure Detector
  • Gauges (wet system)
  • Waterflow alarm devices
  • Supervisory alarm devices

Fire Extinguishers

  • Located in designated place
  • Ext is not obstructed
  • Tamper seal is secured and in place
  • Pressure gauge in green operating range
  • Heft Extinguisher to verify fullness and check bracket.
  • Indicator of Cart-Op Ext is down position
  • Current tag on Ext
  • Record visual on tag or written record

Pre-Engineered System

  • Extinguishing system is in proper location
  • Manual actuators are unobstructed
  • Tamper seals are secured and in place
  • No obvious physical damage to system, detection or piping
  • Pressure gauge is in green or operating range
  • Blow off caps are intact, not damaged
  • Hood, duct and appliances have not been moved, replaced or modified.
  • Current tag on system
  • Record visual on tag or written record

Emergency Lighting

  • Functional test for not less than 30 seconds
  • No obvious signs of damage
  • Check alignment of head lights to match path of egress
  • Record on tag or written record


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